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Singles Albums Volume Video/DVD Radio Sessions

Volume - Disc 1

English White Boy Engineer
Secret Agent
Pink Headed Bug
Lucy in The Rain
Men Like Monkeys
Two Minute Ape
Marx's Wife
Paris Forty One
Rooster Blue
Image Or An Animal/Kick The Dog
Do The Square Thing
The World Of The Workers Is Wild
Sad House (Razorblades)
The Day Industry Decided To Stop
Fill Me Up

Volume - Disc 2

Teenage Nightingales To Wax
Do Not Cross The Line
3 Junk
No Place
Dr Freedom
Sun of Mud
The Devil's Music
Class War/Merry At Their Toil
Death of The European
Heads Like Convicts
20th Century Boy
Brainbox (He's a Brainbox)
Watch It Go
Men Without Bones

Volume - Disc 3

Sold Down The River
King Car
Demon Drink
Johnny, The Perfect Son
Torches of Liberty
Atom Drum Bop
Death of The European
Coals To Newcastle
The Ship That Died of Shame
The World By Storm
Rose Of Yorkshire
Industry [Live]
AWOL [Live]
Devil's Music [Live]
Engineer [Live]
Never And Always
Turn Up Those Downhearted Blues
Big Whale (Never Live)

Released August 2015
JOHN Records